Screen Recorder for Windows - Livestream

 Download now and elevate the way you record, save, and share your screen experiences.

Introducing Screen Recorder for Windows – Livestream for Windows, a cutting-edge screen recording application meticulously crafted to capture and immortalize your screen’s dynamic activity in a plethora of video formats. Whether you’re crafting a message, engrossed in video calls, immersed in multimedia, or any on-screen pursuit, this exceptional tool empowers you to seamlessly record each moment.

Unveiling the Power Features:

  • Seamless ScreenCast Recording: Unleash the effortless ability to encapsulate and chronicle your screen’s every move, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

  • Cursor Control at Your Fingertips: Empower yourself with choice – record with or without the mouse cursor, tailor-making each video to your preference.

  • Customized Selections: The freedom to cherry-pick specific screens or windows for recording, affording you complete control over your captures.

  • Instant Action with One Click: Eradicate complexity – launch screen recording with a single click, expediting the journey from thought to capture.

  • Snapshot Perfection: Seal poignant moments with snap-of-a-finger screenshot capture, immortalizing the essence of your screen experience.

  • Webcam Wonders: Elevate your recordings with integrated webcam content, weaving an engaging tapestry of visuals for your audience.

  • Hotkeys, Your Way: Harness the power of personalized hotkey configurations, transforming control into a tactile and intuitive experience.

  • Audio Empowerment: Shape your auditory narrative by selecting your preferred audio input device, be it a microphone or speaker.

  • Format Flexibility: Tailor the recording to your needs with a wide array of video formats, offering the freedom to choose your video’s destiny.

  • Share with a Click: Unlock the potential of instant sharing across diverse social platforms, making your content an effortless part of the digital conversation.

Screen Recorder for Windows – Livestream for Windows isn’t just an application; it’s a journey through seamless screen chronicles. With its arsenal of features designed to cater to every need, it’s the companion you need to capture life in motion, one frame at a time. Download now and elevate the way you record, save, and share your screen experiences.

How to Use Screen Recorder for Windows – Livestream

Step 1 :-

  • Download and Installation:

    • Visit the Windows App Store.
    • Search for “Screen Recorder for Windows – Livestream.
    • Download and install the application.
  • Launch the Application:

    • Open the installed application from your device.
  • Capture Mode Selection:

    • Click on the “Capture Mode” icon to choose between fullscreen or window capture.
    • Select your preferred mode based on what you want to record.

Step 2 :-  

  • Microphone Settings:

    • Click on the microphone settings button.
    • Enable the “Record from Microphone” option.
    • Choose the microphone device – default or high-definition – for clear voice recording.
  • System Speaker Settings:

    • Click on the speaker icon.
    • Activate the “Record Using System Speaker” option.
    • Select the desired speaker source for high-definition audio recording.

Step 3 :- 

  • Screenshots:

    • To take a screenshot, click on the “Take Full Screen” icon.
    • The screenshot of your current screen will be saved.
  • Access Captured Files:

    • Click on the “Saved File” folder to view your captured screenshots and recorded videos.
    • This is where you can find and manage your saved files.

Step 4 :- 

  • Start Recording:

    • Click on the “Start Recording” icon to begin capturing your screen activities.
    • Your ongoing screen activities will be recorded.
  • Stop Recording:

    • When you’re done recording, click on the “Stop Recording” icon to end the recording session.
  • Review and Share:

    • Open the captured files in the “Saved File” folder.
    • Review your recorded videos and screenshots.
    • Share your recordings on social platforms if desired.